How to become a supplier

Qualification process

Redeia considers its suppliers to be essential for its business, along with the equipment, materials, services and work that it commissions from them. Only those companies that have passed a prior qualification process will be assigned supply contracts.

The process that a company must follow to become a supplier of Redeia varies according to the Business area that the supplier is interested in. The Business area is the combination of supply and scope (Spain or Latin America).

The qualification obtained by a supplier will always be associated with a Business area - Type 1 and type 6 business areas: In both cases, the standard qualification process must be passed, which consists of a series of minimum technical and sustainability standards associated with the activity. The difference between type 1 and type 6 is that after passing the qualification process, the supplier acquires PPP status (Test Order Pending) in the first case and in the second it will be directly Qualified.

- Type 2: Besides passing the standard qualification process, the supplier must also satisfy certain requirements to approve its equipment or material. Once these requirements are met, the supplier acquires PPP (Test Order Pending) status.

- Type 3: The supplier must pass a standard qualification process and a personnel skills process (certain jobs can only be performed by the supplier’s employees who have passed a qualification examination held by Redeia). Once these requirements are met, the supplier acquires PPP (Test Order Pending) status.

- Type 4: The supplier must pass a registration process in which it must provide sales and business information about the Business area in question. A standard qualification process is not required.

There are no type 5 activities.

. It will therefore have to pass another qualification process if the supplier wants to be considered for another Business area.

Redeia demands a series of requirements from its suppliers - Legal / business requirements: Such as: being up to date with Social Security payments and the tax agency, possession of insurance policies covering civil liability and accidents.

- Financial requirements: Financial solvency rating prepared by Axesor (Axesor scoring) must be greater than 1. The ad hoc rating carried out by Axesor for Redeia, which measures specific aspects such as the capacity to perform the work (Solve scoring) must also be greater than 1 (technicians and sustainability) which are checked during the qualification.
(business, financial, legal, technical and sustainability criteria) which are assessed during the qualification process.

The first step that companies who are interested in becoming suppliers for Redeia should take is to register and start the qualification process.

We have created a User Guide where you can find all the information you need to operate in Redeia’s supplier qualification space, including how to register and how to manage your qualification processes.

Supply Tree and requirements

In its work to raise the level of transparency, Redeia allows any company to know what supplies it requires and the minimum requirements that this company must satisfy to pass the qualification process associated with the Business area in question:

To review the supply tree with all the Business areas that Redeia acquires, ordered by type, click here.

It should be noted that the type 1, 2, 3 and 6 Business areas require that the supplier be registered in RePro, a register managed by the Achilles company, before starting any qualification process.

All the registration and qualification processes will take into account the references from clients supporting the work experience declared in relation with the selected Business area.

If you need more information you can access the page of Redeia clicking here.