Frequently asked questions

How to register

To access the Redeia Supplier Space, you must first register as a supplier and receive authorisation to enter the Portal.

To register as a Redeia supplier, follow these simple steps:

1. Click on the "Register" link.

2. Fill in the information required. The fields marked with a (*) are mandatory.

Important: The company code is the first of the three passwords needed to access the private supplier area once registration has been requested. The “Company Code” field must be completed as appropriate:

o Spanish companies: enter your tax ID number without spaces or hyphens, preceded by the country code (ES). Example: Spanish company with tax ID number B82669333. Enter: ESB82669333.

o Foreign companies: enter your tax ID number preceded by your country code (2 letters). Example: French company with tax ID number 482239174. Enter: FR482239174.

The user code and password must be passwords created by you, with at least 6 characters. These passwords, along with the company code, are required to enter the Redeia portal.

3. Once the registration process has ended, you will receive an email to confirm your registration application. You will receive an authorisation message as soon as your access is approved, and you will be able to access the Redeia Supplier space from this moment. It is very important to save the mail granting you admittance to the portal. This mail will indicate the company code and user code. This information IS ESSENTIAL to access the portal and reset the password.

How to access the supplier space

If you are already registered as a Redeia supplier, you have been approved and want to enter the private supplier area:

Enter your access passwords in the space provided for this and click on “Login”.

Check that you are entering the passwords exactly as they are in the mail that authorises your company’s access (taking upper and lower case letters and spaces into account, etc.).

To establish a new password, click on the “I forgot my password” link.

I forgot my passwords

If you have registered as a Redeia supplier but have forgotten your passwords:

1. Click on the “I forgot my password” link

2. Enter: The company code, the user code and the email address that you registered on the portal with.

3. An email will automatically be sent to your account with a link to reset your password.

How can I become a supplier of Redeia?

If a company is interested in becoming a supplier for Redeia, the first step is to to register in the new ProRed Supplier Space and provide us with a set of data so that we can gauge your business capacity.

Where can I see the Redeia Business areas and their requirements?

The “How to become a supplier” section shows the supply tree with all the Business areas associated with Redeia, ordered by type and the minimum requirements that the supplier needs to satisfy to pass the qualification process.

How the Business areas are ordered

Within the “Materials” or “services” types, the order of the categories is alphabetic. Within each category, the families are also ordered alphabetically.

Types of Business area and qualification statuses

  1. Type 1 and type 6 business areas: In both cases, the standard qualification process must be passed, which consists of a series of minimum technical and sustainability standards associated with the activity. The difference between type 1 and type 6 is that after passing the qualification process, the supplier acquires PPP status (Test Order Pending) in the first case and in the second it will be directly Qualified.
  2. Type 2: Besides passing the standard qualification process, the supplier must also satisfy certain requirements to approve its equipment or material. Once these requirements are met, the supplier acquires PPP (Test Order Pending) status.
  3. Type 3: The supplier must pass a standard qualification process and a personnel skills process (certain jobs can only be performed by the supplier’s employees who have passed a qualification examination held by Redeia). Once these requirements are met, the supplier acquires PPP (Test Order Pending) status.
  4. Type 4: The supplier must pass a registration process in which it must provide sales and business information about the Business area in question. A standard qualification process is not required.
There are no type 5 activities.

What does the PPP (Test Order Pending) status mean?

The supplier has passed the standard qualification process satisfactorily and can submit bids and win tenders (with certain limits) although the full consolidation of the qualification process will only happen when the supplier receives its first order and its performance is assessed as being acceptable.

What does the Classified status mean?

This status describes the situation of suppliers who have passed the qualification process and the assessment of their first test order has been approved. They have therefore completed every stage of the qualification process.

How to request a change of Tax ID No. (CIF)

Any change of CIF must be requested from the private area of ProRed by the new company (which must therefore be registered in ProRed). Once registered, the “Modification of CIF” tab lets you:

Request the change of CIF (clicking on the “Registration” option)

Track the progress of the request, once submitted, from the “Monitoring” option

For more details, consult the supplier manual in Instructions, in the HOME tab.